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Drilling Results Aberdeenshire

GreenOre Gold Plc (GreenOre) is pleased to report the final results of the drilling programme conducted in the Summer of 2017 at the Aberdeenshire project.

A total of 876.5m of drilling was conducted over 6 holes.  Four holes were drilled on Scar Hill and two at Minmore.  The drilling at Scar Hill was follow up to the trenching work to determine if grade continued at depth.  Drilling has confirmed potentially economic gold grades which warrants further work.

Hole one was positioned at the discovery vein and intercepted 1m @ 4.8g/t Au at 3m.  Numerous other veins were intercepted carrying sulphide throughout the 150m hole but with lower gold grades of up to 0.9m @ 0.8g/t at 66.5mHole two to four were positioned down dip to the veins intercepted in the trenching.  Hole 2 intercepted 2m @ 0.44g/t Au at 74m, 1m @ 0.26g/t at 144m and 1m @ 0.15g/t Au at 50m over quartz veins and oxidised quartz veinlets respectively.  Hole 3 intercepted a shear zone running 1m @ 0.53g/t Au at 132m and 1m @ 0.4g/t Au at 183m over a quartz vein.  Although hole 4 returned poor gold grades it proved the magnetic anomaly on Scar Hill represented pyrite rich pelite beds.

The two holes at Minmore was follow up to the magnetics survey and soil sampling programme.  Although no significant gold mineralisation was intercepted it proved that the magnetic anomaly also represented pyrite rich pelite beds.

The drilling proved that the quartz veins at Scar Hill continued at depth but that gold grade reduces.  Future work should identify the location of the source of the gold in the regolith and determine if it exists in economic quantities.  The quartz veins to the north of Scar Hill have a different geochemical signature and may not represent enrichment.  Soil sampling may identify new structures for follow up drilling.

Managing Director Gavin Berkenheger commented: “This years drilling programme has identified gold mineralisation near surface and at depth.  We are delighted to have further advanced the Aberdeenshire project and look forward to follow up work next year.”

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