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About Us

GreenOre Gold is a gold exploration company set up to focus on exploration upside and production opportunities in Europe. The team has recent experience in the expansion of the Dalradian gold deposit in Northern Ireland from 1m oz to over 3m oz. There has been a significant increase in interest in Ireland and Northern Ireland by exploration companies over the Dalradian Terrane; however Scotland has been overlooked. GreenOre Gold acquired high potential exploration ground on trend.

The company acquired a licence in Aberdeenshire on the Dalradian trend and is currently working up the opportunity. The team has also vast experience in mining exploration with the directors listing several companies on AIM including African Diamonds, Kenmare Resources, African Gold (later Mwana Africa) as well as Petrel Resources. The team is currently evaluating a number of high priority targets to incorporate them into the company portfolio.

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