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The shareholders and Directors of Greenore Gold have a long history in mining stretching back to Tara Mines in the 1970’s which is now one of the world’s largest zinc mines.  They were also one of the initial investors in Kenmare Resources, accounting for 7% of world ilmenite supply, which is a listed company worth in the region of $1 billion.

Since the 1980’s the group has been heavily involved in the diamond and gold sector.  It was recently very successful in finding a kimberlite mine in Botswana, as African Diamonds, one of only 20 hard-rock diamond mines found worldwide. This was sold to  Lucara, part of the Lundin Group, for $100m in 2010.

Gold has also been a fruitful venture for the group. The group recently divested its interests in Swala a gold exploration vehicle in Africa; now listed on the Toronto Exchange as Concordia Resources. It was also the founder of African Gold which was later merged into Mwana Africa.

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