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GreenOre adopts new “Green Technology” in their search for gold in Ross-shire

GreenOre Gold plc (“GreenOre”) is delighted to announce the results of a recent geophysical survey conducted by Edinburgh based Adrok Ltd (“Adrok”), the results of which are intriguing, and may prove a game changer in future mineral exploration.

In October 2020 GreenOre trialled Adrok’s patented ADR (Atomic Dielectric Resonance) scanner at their Gairloch project in Wester Ross.  The geophysics technology is non-intrusive so there was no environmental impact on the land.  A three-person team was required to operate and manually move a device only the size of a small chest of drawers around the area of interest.  Each reading took around 2 hours to obtain and could detect down over 500 metres below surface.  The technology works by transmitting harmless radio and microwaves into the subsurface using a small antennae and recording the returning signal with a receiver for later processing and correlating against existing data.  Multiple sites around the existing deposit area were selected for analysis.

The company was able to clearly fingerprint the existing ore zone and detect it over 100m underground.  A signal mimicking that of the current ore body, but stronger was identified at 350m depth which could indicate that the deposit is far bigger than previously thought.  GreenOre is now in discussions for further test surveys on its other properties in Scotland to confirm how the technology works in different geological environments.

In an era of Green innovations, Adrok’s technology is a game changer for the mineral exploration sector by significantly reducing the amount of exploratory drilling required from grass roots projects through mine development.

The Gairloch project is a gold, copper, zinc resource in Wester Ross in the Highlands of Scotland which was previously identified by Consolidated Goldfields in the 1970’s.  No further work was conducted there since the 1980’s due to lower metal prices.  GreenOre believes that this resource is now of economic interest with gold prices at an all-time high, and copper demand increasing due to the utilisation of green energy solutions, over oil and gas.  Further investment will be required to develop this resource to feasibility.


This announcement has been reviewed and approved by Gavin Berkenheger (C. Geol) in his capacity as the Qualified Person.

Information for Editors:
GreenOre is a mineral exploration company with a focus on Scottish gold deposits. GreenOre currently hold 7 Option Agreements for gold and silver with the Crown Estate Scotland covering a total of 1721km squared in Aberdeenshire, Ayrshire, Perthshire and Ross-shire. Aberdeenshire and Ayrshire exploration blocks are under joint venture with Koza Ltd and the Perthshire licence is operated by Erris Recources.  The company is currently seeking funding to develop the Kerry Road Copper Gold Deposit in Ross-shire.


Further information can be sourced from the Company website:

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