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GreenOre starts drilling for gold in Ayrshire

GreenOre Gold Plc ‘GreenOre’ is delighted to announce the commencement of a drilling programme in Ayrshire.  800m is planned over 7 drill holes.  The drill sites are located on historically known gold occurrences with an aim to replicate previous results and determine any follow up drilling.

Managing Director, Gavin Berkenheger commented: “This is an exciting time for GreenOre, we have just completed a drilling programme in Aberdeenshire and now aim to conduct a similar programme in Ayrshire.  If we can confirm and enhance the historic gold locality with this round of drilling we will determine if it is economically viable.”

Gold drilling campaign re-starts in Aberdeenshire

GreenOre Gold Plc is pleased to announce that a fresh drilling campaign is now underway targeting gold on its key Aberdeenshire project.

The drilling is designed to determine the presence of any gold bearing structures at moderate depths.  Drilling will extend to a maximum depth of 200 metres with a total of 900 metres planned over 7 holes.

Managing Director Gavin Berkenheger commented: “If these first few drill holes are successful we hope to conduct further targeted drilling to establish whether gold is present on an economic scale in Aberdeenshire.”

GreenOre signs joint venture agreement with Koza on Ayrshire licence

GreenOre Gold Plc ‘GreenOre’ is pleased to announce a joint venture agreement with Koza Ltd ‘Koza’ on the Ayrshire licence.  Koza have agreed to fund exploration to earn in up to 80% of the holding company.  Work will begin this year starting with a stream sediment sampling and prospecting programme to be followed by scout drilling.

Managing Director, Gavin Berkenheger commented: “GreenOre has been working with Koza on our Aberdeenshire licences over the past 2 years and have built up an excellent working relationship.  The addition of the Ayrshire licence agreement signals a commitment to develop gold prospects with real economic potential.  Scotland has a vast unexplored mineral wealth waiting to be explored.  We are thrilled to partner with Koza on our new project.”

Marc J. Sale appointed as director

“GreenOre would like to announce the appointment of Marc J. Sale as director with immediate effect.  Marc brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, developing gold projects around the world from early stage to feasibility.  Mr Sale’s sterling reputation and track record in the mineral exploration and mining sector makes a great addition to the board of directors.  Marc’s initial responsibility will be aiding in the development of the Ayrshire project with a view to  develop GreenOre into a significant player in the European mineral exploration sector.”

GreenOre acquires new exploration ground in South Ayrshire

GreenOre Gold PLC would like to announce the acquisition of further exploration ground in Scotland near Straiton, South Ayrshire.  The total prospecting area covers 250km squared.  Historic references include 57g/t gold in outcrop.  This decision was made following a rigorous review of all gold occurrences in Scotland.  The area has all the right characteristics to host a large scale mineral deposit.  Exploration will begin in Spring 2016.

GreenOre increases size of prospecting area in Aberdeenshire

“GreenOre Gold PLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of a further 248km squared prospecting area to the north and east of the ‘Towie’ licence.  This has increased the total prospecting area to 500km squared encompassing the townships of Towie, Rhynie and Alford.  The increased size of the prospecting area was due to the positive results obtained in the second half of 2015.  The results include many high grade rock samples up 53.8g/t over a 10km trend.  Visible gold was also noted in a rock sample and numerous streams.  Future work will aim to identify the extent of the gold trend and locate new targets.  Work will include stream sediment sampling, rock and soil analysis with the possibility of trenching and drilling to obtain gold in bedrock.  This move is a part of the joint venture agreement with Koza Ltd.”

Joint Venture agreement on Scottish acreage

GreenOre Gold plc
(“GreenOre” or the “Company” or the “Group”)
Joint Venture agreement on Scottish acreage
GreenOre Gold plc is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Koza Limited, a subsidiary of Koza Altın İsletmeleri A.Ş., regarding gold and silver exploration activities on GreenOre Gold plc’s acreage in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Exploration activities will be funded and executed in accordance with the agreement. Koza, which will operate and/or develop the project, will have the right to own 60% of shares of the JV company, based on certain expenditure criteria. Koza will have the option to increase its ownership rights up to 80% based on further committed funding
under the agreement.

Managing Director, Gavin Berkenhager, commented “GreenOre Gold is delighted to partner with Koza, a major gold producer. This further supports our belief in the potential for major gold deposits in Scotland. Our main prospect is on the Dalradian trend, which stretches from Northern Ireland up through Scotland. A 3.5 million ounce gold deposit is currently being developed by Dalradian Gold in Northern Ireland. We hope to repeat this success.”
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“GreenOre drills 4 metres at 0.57g/t Gold and 1.2 metres at 3.16g/t Gold in the first test holes at two localities in Aberdeenshire”

‘Greenore’ successfully tests two gold outcrops in existing quarries at Towie, Aberdeenshire.  The preliminary drilling indicates economic grades of gold at surface with potential that continued or increased grade exist at depth.  Higher grade material has been found in three other localities but no associated outcrop identified as of yet.  The latest results prove the potential for Aberdeenshire to host significant precious metal mineralisation.  Further exploration will continue into the new year. -GB

Greenore Gold Exploring in Scotland

On the 1st of January 2013, GreenOre Gold Plc was awarded a Mine’s Royal Option Agreement for an area approximately 56km squared near the hamlet of Towie in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. As a result of the work carried out during the first year of exploration this area was then increased to nearly 250km squared in 2014. Historical work conducted by Navan Resources and the British Geological Survey identified this area to have anomalous minerals, including gold and silver…More Details >>