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GreenOre is delighted to announce the acquisition of a new Option Agreement for gold and silver in Perthshire, Scotland.  The new licence is located near Loch Tay and encompasses numerous historic gold prospects within the Dalradian rock. Targets within the licence area include a known multi polymetallic vein system with grades up to 150g/t Au, an untested copper gold bearing porphyry and numerous gold bearing historic lead trials.

Managing Director Gavin Berkenheger said: “This is an exciting new prospect with numerous gold bearing outcrops which have never been drill tested. Future work will aim to generate quality drill targets in an area well known for high grade gold.  The fact that there are so many untested sites further reaffirms that Scotland has been massively overlooked as a highly prospective gold region.”


Koza Ltd (Koza) and GreenOre Gold Plc (GreenOre) are delighted to announce their plan for further drilling at the Ayrshire project in Scotland.

Koza and GreenOre entered into a joint venture agreement in 2017 on GreenOre’s wholly-owned Ayrshire project, in the south-west of Scotland.  The Fore Burn target was previously drilled by RioFinex in the 1980s, when the company intersected 0.25m at 51g/t gold.

No further drilling was undertaken until 2017, when GreenOre, in joint venture with Koza, drilled 727m over five test holes. These initial holes were drilled at three locations across a 3km wide area.

The drilling, which targeted the historic gold in core and a new outcrop discovery, intersected significant gold grades down to 200m in depth. Highlights include 12.5m at 1.1g/t (including 2m 5.5g/t), 1.5m at 5g/t, 1m at 4.62g/t and 3m at 3.8g/t gold.

Confident with the 2017 drill results, Mr Akin Ipek, Chairman of Koza Ltd, has now approved ongoing exploration and a significant drill programme of 4000m, to be conducted in 2018, after his site visit to Ayrshire. The $1million spend is to further define the style of mineralisation and targets for continued exploration.

Koza has the option to earn 80 per cent of the Ayrshire project, for a $1.95million spend.

Mr Akin Ipek, Chairman of Koza Ltd, said: “We are delighted to continue working with GreenOre on this very exciting project. We look forward to seeing the results of our further exploration.”

Gavin Berkenheger, Managing Director of GreenOre, said:This is a significant milestone for GreenOre, having been actively exploring Scotland for gold for over 5 years.  We look forward to continued success with Koza Ltd.




GreenOre intercepts 1m at 4.62g/t gold at the Ayrshire project

GreenOre Gold Plc (GreenOre) is delighted to report the results from the final two holes drilled at Fore Burn in 2017.  Highlights of the best intersections are in the table below.

Hole_ID From (m) To (m) Width (m) Au (g/t)
17-FB-04 76.00 77.00 1 0.77
17-FB-04 94.00 95.00 1 2.28
17-FB-04 117.00 122.00 5 0.39
17-FB-05 11.00 14.00 3 0.43
17-FB-05 22.00 23.00 1 4.62
17-FB-05 44.00 45.00 1 0.40
17-FB-05 46.00 47.00 1 0.95
17-FB-05 78.50 79.50 1 0.39
17-FB-05 128.50 129.50 1 0.52
17-FB-05 157.00 158.00 1 0.52
17-FB-05 185.50 187.50 2 0.94

These two holes were drilled 1.5km away from hole 1 and 2 and also encountered gold bearing structures.  Gold is present throughout the rock in low grade with higher elevations intercepted around quartz/calcite veinlets and tourmaline breccias.  The highest grade interval was within one of these breccias and graded 1m at 4.62g/t Au at 22m in Hole 5.

Managing Director Gavin Berkenheger commented: “The confirmation of gold at these two key sites (East and West Anomalies) drilled at the end of 2017 has given us the confidence to continue drilling in 2018.”

GreenOre intercepts 2m at 5.5g/t gold at the Ayrshire project

GreenOre Gold Plc (GreenOre) is delighted to release the results of the first three holes drilled at the Ayrshire project.  Highlights of the best intersections are in the table below.

Hole_ID from to width Au ppm
17-FB-01 13 15 2 2.58
17-FB-01 52 56 4 0.92
17-FB-01 52 64 12 0.50
17-FB-01 115 115.5 0.5 9.86
17-FB-01 133 144 11 0.28
17-FB-01 151 151.5 0.5 4.73
17-FB-01 198.5 200 1.5 5.01
17-FB-02 22 24 2 1.22
17-FB-02 125.5 138 12.5 1.06
17-FB-02 126 128 2 5.51


The main mineralised zones occur within tourmaline breccias with abundant sulphide.  Notable intersections include 0.5m at 9.86g/t Au and 1.5m at 5g/t Au in hole 17-FB-01 and 12.5m at 1.06g/t Au including 2m at 5.5g/t Au contained within.  The gold mineralisation is also related to the sulphide present throughout the country rock.  This is supported by Hole 3 which also confirmed gold in the country rock but of low grade.  The final results of hole 4 and 5 are expected in December.

Managing Director Gavin Berkenheger commented: “We are delighted to report the discovery of multiple gold bearing structures at greater depths than previously identified.   This proves continuity of high grade gold mineralisation at the Fore Burn Project and provides targets for follow up drilling.”

Drilling Results Aberdeenshire

GreenOre Gold Plc (GreenOre) is pleased to report the final results of the drilling programme conducted in the Summer of 2017 at the Aberdeenshire project.

A total of 876.5m of drilling was conducted over 6 holes.  Four holes were drilled on Scar Hill and two at Minmore.  The drilling at Scar Hill was follow up to the trenching work to determine if grade continued at depth.  Drilling has confirmed potentially economic gold grades which warrants further work.

Hole one was positioned at the discovery vein and intercepted 1m @ 4.8g/t Au at 3m.  Numerous other veins were intercepted carrying sulphide throughout the 150m hole but with lower gold grades of up to 0.9m @ 0.8g/t at 66.5mHole two to four were positioned down dip to the veins intercepted in the trenching.  Hole 2 intercepted 2m @ 0.44g/t Au at 74m, 1m @ 0.26g/t at 144m and 1m @ 0.15g/t Au at 50m over quartz veins and oxidised quartz veinlets respectively.  Hole 3 intercepted a shear zone running 1m @ 0.53g/t Au at 132m and 1m @ 0.4g/t Au at 183m over a quartz vein.  Although hole 4 returned poor gold grades it proved the magnetic anomaly on Scar Hill represented pyrite rich pelite beds.

The two holes at Minmore was follow up to the magnetics survey and soil sampling programme.  Although no significant gold mineralisation was intercepted it proved that the magnetic anomaly also represented pyrite rich pelite beds.

The drilling proved that the quartz veins at Scar Hill continued at depth but that gold grade reduces.  Future work should identify the location of the source of the gold in the regolith and determine if it exists in economic quantities.  The quartz veins to the north of Scar Hill have a different geochemical signature and may not represent enrichment.  Soil sampling may identify new structures for follow up drilling.

Managing Director Gavin Berkenheger commented: “This years drilling programme has identified gold mineralisation near surface and at depth.  We are delighted to have further advanced the Aberdeenshire project and look forward to follow up work next year.”

GreenOre starts drilling for gold in Ayrshire

GreenOre Gold Plc ‘GreenOre’ is delighted to announce the commencement of a drilling programme in Ayrshire.  800m is planned over 7 drill holes.  The drill sites are located on historically known gold occurrences with an aim to replicate previous results and determine any follow up drilling.

Managing Director, Gavin Berkenheger commented: “This is an exciting time for GreenOre, we have just completed a drilling programme in Aberdeenshire and now aim to conduct a similar programme in Ayrshire.  If we can confirm and enhance the historic gold locality with this round of drilling we will determine if it is economically viable.”

Gold drilling campaign re-starts in Aberdeenshire

GreenOre Gold Plc is pleased to announce that a fresh drilling campaign is now underway targeting gold on its key Aberdeenshire project.

The drilling is designed to determine the presence of any gold bearing structures at moderate depths.  Drilling will extend to a maximum depth of 200 metres with a total of 900 metres planned over 7 holes.

Managing Director Gavin Berkenheger commented: “If these first few drill holes are successful we hope to conduct further targeted drilling to establish whether gold is present on an economic scale in Aberdeenshire.”

GreenOre signs joint venture agreement with Koza on Ayrshire licence

GreenOre Gold Plc ‘GreenOre’ is pleased to announce a joint venture agreement with Koza Ltd ‘Koza’ on the Ayrshire licence.  Koza have agreed to fund exploration to earn in up to 80% of the holding company.  Work will begin this year starting with a stream sediment sampling and prospecting programme to be followed by scout drilling.

Managing Director, Gavin Berkenheger commented: “GreenOre has been working with Koza on our Aberdeenshire licences over the past 2 years and have built up an excellent working relationship.  The addition of the Ayrshire licence agreement signals a commitment to develop gold prospects with real economic potential.  Scotland has a vast unexplored mineral wealth waiting to be explored.  We are thrilled to partner with Koza on our new project.”

Marc J. Sale appointed as director

“GreenOre would like to announce the appointment of Marc J. Sale as director with immediate effect.  Marc brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, developing gold projects around the world from early stage to feasibility.  Mr Sale’s sterling reputation and track record in the mineral exploration and mining sector makes a great addition to the board of directors.  Marc’s initial responsibility will be aiding in the development of the Ayrshire project with a view to  develop GreenOre into a significant player in the European mineral exploration sector.”